@Sennor’s missus has a massively obese neighbour who gets regular home visits to help drain her fluid-filled folds, wash her with a rag on a stick and the likes. Here help today came in the form of a tiny little lady who spent about 20 minutes trying to parallel park this obviously tricky-to-control vehicle, eventually gave up (probably thinking “fuck it, I pay road tax”) and promptly left it there for about 2 hours. Bravo. Dare we call elderly helpful social workers ‘parking cunts’? Too fucking right we do. Back to driving school for you, you doddery old cunt. And don’t worry about the planetoid obese pig of a neighbour. We’ll call Jerry Springer so they can be lifted out of their living room window by the local fire brigade and paraded in front of the TV cameras. Nothing is good about this story.

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