One of our Northern Irish correspondents Warren Wilding starts of this photo montage with an apology for poor quality of the first picture (dark car, fuck knows what sort). “This was taken in very dark conditions on my phone. This picture was taken in Portadown McDonald’s car park at around 7.30AM when there were no other cars around but yet the owner of this car decided that 2 spaces are better than one.”

Picture 2 was taken “an hour or so later at a nearby shopping centre, long before it got busy but as you can see, despite there being plenty of spaces to choose from, this cunt decided, these two were the ones he/she wanted.”

Picture 3 was taken “3 days later, same place (Rushmere shopping centre, Craigavon), plenty of spaces but thanks to this cunt, 1 less then there should be. I think I should nominate Northern Ireland as the parking cunts capital of the UK and maybe the world, finding people parked like cunts here is just easy pickings.”

Picture 4 (red van). Just when you think you have seen as much cuntish parking as you can stomach for one day (see previous picture), you find this!! I’m sure whatever work this cunt in the van with stupid wheels was doing, was far more important than the needs of disabled people to park in one of the very scarce disabled spaces at this centre.”

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