Tim Pock eloquently tells us “It’s the number of levels of cunthood that elevate this example high above your common or garden cuntish parker.

First, however you park it, it’s a fucking customised lime green fiesta cuntmobile.

Second, its surrounded by what in lesser company would be legitimate park-like-a-cunt shouts as and of themselves. Just what is that navy Alpha doing?

Third, these were the last two spots in the car park of a wedding venue where two receptions were taking place simultaneously. Ours was fairly civilised. There’s, you won’t be shocked to learn, was packed to the toe top full with utter cunts.

One minor point in his favour though. Andy Townsend’s daughter was one of the bridesmaids at our one, and because of this cunt, the grinning simpleton had nowhere to park.” Excellent work, Tim.

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