George McLaughlin is today’s queue-jumper with this quite astonishing display of cuntishness in Glasgow. The first glance show’s a red car sat in the middle of the fucking road. Then, the silver car comes and trumps it by ignoring the biggest ‘KEEP CLEAR’ sign in the road. It was while we were gently weeping at the state of humanity when we spotted the third cunt and we suffered a mild brain death. Look at the Smart Car in the top-left-hand corner of the first picture? Does that look like a parking space, or a junction? We fucking hate cunting Smart Car owners who think that because they drive a dinky car, they’re invisible and don’t need to obey the same rules as other drivers. Well, all three of you are massive cunts. Gie tae fuck! (as we believe the greeting goes north of the border). Cunts.

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