We’ll try not to change @Leejp77’s write up here to much. Needless to say, he’s a little peeved about his neighbout.

“Some heinous cretin who lives in the block of flats I live in … ignores the multitude of car park parking spaces within a 10 second walk from the door and parks right in front of it … where you’re not ALLOWED to park … blocking off emergency access because fire engines would struggle to pass if you PARKED there, and she doesn’t even park, she just abandons her car. Fire engine turned up once, couldn’t get past her so had to take ages reversing out. They put a leaflet on her car SAYING “you can’t park there, you’re blocking emergency access” and she ran up the road to scream obscenities at them for defacing her car in such a vile manner as putting a leaflet under her wiper. I wonder if she’d be so arsed if she caused her own death…she couldn’t be rescued cos she’d blocked emergency access! She does it all the time still, even after the warning, here’s just 2 examples.”

Epic cunt.

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