“Old lady in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis checks her wonderful parking” says our submitter.

Having had Warren’s queue jumper just now, we found this one in our inbox which actually made us laugh our loud and had to get a special mention. Er…aheam…of course, this YPLAC malarkey is serious business and this lady is a dangerous shithead if she can’t tell that half of her car is up on the kerb at an erratic angle. However, it’s the fact that she had to get out of her car in order to see how she was doing that got us. Your number-plate says is all, deary.

EDIT: just found out that our submitter nicked this from Stornoway Parking’s blogspot. Tut-tut, but fair play for admitting it. Visit Stornoway’s site for more examples of this sort of thing. They’re a good bunch.

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