A worthy queue jumper, this.

“You ALL Park like cunts. The picture shows the two way road to the local primary school. Both sides are single yellow lined = no parking between 8am and 6pm. This is at 3pm.

Starting with the Blue BMW carefully parked across the pedestrian crossing drop kerb point and only 3 meters from the main road – prohibiting anyone from turning into the road safely – this is the cunt starter.

After this we have various levels of cunt parking – notably all in silver coloured cuntmobiles, blocking the entire side of the road. Meaning if anyone did want to drive down the road to a legitimate parking space, say 30m past the primary school (behind the camera in the top picture) they can’t actually get there because all the cuntily parked cars, and the oncoming traffic trying to get away from the school (as seen).

Note how the jauntily parked middle silver cuntparker, leaving his offside rear corner languishing in the middle of the road, has also jauntilly blocked in two legitimately parked cars (i.e. not on a yellow line) at the local shops (awkwardly also silver). Well they would be legitimate if they were shopping, but no, they were picking up their kids from the school too. Cunts. A collection of retarded lazy fucking children collectors who could have just walked half a mile to get their kids, or driven 50m more and parked legally and safely.”

We’ll be getting some stickers/tickets produced soon enough so you can start posting them willy-nilly.

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